Check us out before you play a course for the first time!  Find out where to play and how to play it!  View "Tip's Takeaways" for strategy on various holes and club selection options.  Also see "Non-Golf Options" for family activities near the courses, so they can play too! 

Each review has an overall description of the course in several categories as well as numerical ratings.  These ratings are the sole opinion of the rater based on the conditions experienced at the time the course was played.  Your playing experience may be completely different based on time of year/weather conditions, etc.  The ratings are only intended as a relative measure of some of the factors that may lead you to consider playing a certain course.

Rating Scales in each section are based on a 1-10 scale where  a 10 is the absolute best.  Overall ratings are 1-5 golf balls, where 5 golf balls indicates a world-class, championship course with almost every possible amenity.  1 golf ball is a golf course and little else, probably in less than average condition and of less than average design. 

There is also a section called "Tip's Tips" which offers playing recommendations for each hole and some overall recommendations for the course--you can either print it out and carry it with you on course or pull it up on your mobile device and follow along as you play! 

Additionally, there are options for "Non-golf" activities in the nearby area for family members or friends who may not golf or for "apres' golf" fun.

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DISCLAIMER:  These reviews are the personal opinions of the authors alone for the sole purpose of sharing recommendations among the general public on a purely informational and non-profit basis.  No compensation for any reviews have been received nor will be accepted and none of the reviewers are or have been employees of any of the courses, resorts, businesses or corporations listed.  The ratings are the personal opinions of the authors on or about the date played/visited and may not reflect current conditions, nor the opinions of other visitors to the locations described.
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